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Add the power of a hardware control panel to your ATEM

For the ultimate in professional control you can add an optional ATEM Broadcast Panel to your ATEM switchers! Nothing beats a dedicated hardware control panel when you are switching complex live performances! Made from the highest quality components, the ATEM 1 M/E and 2 M/E Broadcast Panels are designed for extreme speed, incredible reliability and ease of use. There is no faster way to run live production than with a dedicated hardware control panel!

The incredible ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel has the power for the most complex live broadcast events. The ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel features an amazing design that perfectly positions all controls just where you need them for the ultimate creativity on complex multi layer live production. Featuring separate control sections for every part of the 2 M/E switcher, you can find the controls you need quickly with every control at your fingertips.

ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel
The ultimate broadcast grade panel for true professionals !

The incredible ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel has the power for the most complex live broadcast events. The ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel features an amazing design that perfectly positions all controls just where you need them for the ultimate creativity on complex multi layer live production. Featuring separate control sections for every part of the 2 M/E switcher, you can find the controls you need quickly with every control at your fingertips.

Get the control panel that makes your live production faster !
Live production is easier and fun with an ATEM control panel !

Select Sources
Switch camera to air instantly !

ATEM Production switchers are designed to give you the most advanced live switching workflow! The switcher control panel has separate program and preview buses that you can use together to quickly and accurately switch sources on air. Selections made on the preview bus will appear on your preview screen, so you can see what you have ready to go on air, then take it live by pressing the cut or auto buttons. Switching sources on the program bus go live immediately as it is always on air!

Transition Control
Select your favorite transition

ATEM Broadcast Control Panels give you total control over your transitions. All creative transitions are instantly available on the dedicated hardware panels and include the same cut, mix and wipe transitions that you can also control from the ATEM software control panel. You can cut directly, use the mix and wipe buttons and fader bar or just press AUTO to trigger the selected transition! With ATEM Broadcast Panels you get precision switcher control with the buttons you need at your fingertips.

Transition Styles
Transitions at the push of a button !

.ATEM gives you a huge range of transition styles and loads of options to control them. Immediate source to source transitions can be selected by simply pushing the cut button. For more interesting transitions you can choose mix, dip or wipes, and if you are using the advanced ATEM 1 M/E and 2 M/E Production Studio 4K model you also get exciting programmable DVE or animated stinger transitions. Take manual control with the fader bar or select auto transition button for smooth timed transitions.

Wipe Transitions
Standard wipes made easy

ATEM Broadcast Panels give you fast and flexible wipe transition control! You can select wipe patterns directly from the broadcast panel and customize them to suit your production style. You get complete control over wipe, symmetry, softness and also adjustments for colored borders with variable width and softness, you can even use the joystick to position the centre of a wipe. With dedicated joystick, fader and control knobs you get precise wipe pattern positioning.

DVE Transitions
Amazing digital video effects

The ATEM 1M/E and 2M/E Broadcast panels give you fast and precise control over all the DVE transition options. You get an incredible quality joystick, soft knob and key frame control so you can quickly design your own DVE moves with adjustments for lighting and drop shadow effects that add depth to your animated graphic composition. You can also enable the DVE key mode to fly high quality graphics into frame or select any of the pre programed push, spin, squeeze and swoosh transitions.

Custom Macros
Trigger macros at the touch of a button !

When you’re running one of the ATEM hardware control panels selecting macros is faster because you can access all the switchers macros, and you have full control to record and play back macros at the push of a button. This means that you don’t need to use a computer to work with macros because you can operate them from the same hardware panel you are switching from. If you edit or modify a macro the change will appear on all connected control panels because the macros are stored in the switcher itself. The 2 M/E Broadcast Panel has dedicated macro buttons because of it’s larger size so you can set up different macros under different buttons and trigger them instantly at the push of a button and in the same way that you can cut between video sources.

Keyer Control
Get perfect green screens.

Hardware control is ideal when doing chroma keying because you can finely adjust the parameters for clean key edges to get layering that looks seamless. The ATEM 1 M/E and 2 M/E Broadcast Panels give you precision control knobs so you can create the perfect chroma key quickly and accurately. Easily adjustable controls at your fingertips means you can adjust live key settings instantly if lighting or shadows change during the broadcast so you will always deliver incredible results.

Fader Bar
Exciting manual transitions

Amazing live performances often require transitions that need to be controlled manually. The ergonomically designed T bar control lets you ride transitions perfectly as part of the live performance! Sometimes the emotion of a live event means you need to feel a transition to get it perfectly in sync with the camera operators and talent. Like a conductor, the vision mixer is part of the performance and drives the mood as the production unfolds.

Auto Transition
Fully automatic transitions

Just below the ATEM broadcast panel fader bar is the auto transition button. Selecting auto will instantly perform the next transition you have setup in the transition block. You can use auto transitions for every type of transition including dissolves, keying, wipe patterns and animated DVE transitions. Automatic transitions can be pre programed for any duration from 1 to 250 frames and are ideal for smooth constant mixing between cameras.

Preview Transition
Check your transition is perfect !

You get a dedicated preview transition button on both the ATEM 1 M/E and 2 M/E broadcast panels. The PREV TRANS button helps you avoid on air mistakes when preparing live transitions by displaying the result on your preview video output and on the multi view screen. With the preview transition button you can verify the most complicated transition with mix, dip, wipe, DVE and even keys without affecting your on air program output.

Fade to Black

The broadcast panel fade to black button controls the entire output of the switcher! Selecting FTB will smoothly fade your program output to black at a preset transition rate. FTB is very useful for the start and end of your production or for fading out to commercial breaks. Because fade to black will always override your live program output, button guards have been designed to stop accidental triggering. This means you only hit fade to black button when you intend to !

Get perfect DVE control

Move elements around the screen just like a video game using the Joystick! With full 3 Axis control you can adjust the symmetry of wipe patterns and control your DVE. The joystick control with the DVE is ideal to position live video over video. Scale the size, position up down or left and right for the perfect picture in picture effect. You can also use the joystick to move the DVE and enter start and end keyframe screen positions for your own customized animated DVE moves.

System Status

In live broadcast stations that demand 24/7 operation, you need to know all systems are online and working well. That’s why ATEM broadcast panels have built in redundant power supply inputs and status lights for both the control panel and the switcher chassis power supplies. If you have a power supply failure, the back up power supply will take over plus you will be notified on the status lights of the failure so you can arrange for repair while staying on air uninterrupted !

System Control

Quickly find the setting or adjustment you are looking for with a dedicated system control menu with 12 LCD buttons. You get a large data display window above 4 sets of soft keys and control knobs to help you make precise adjustments quickly. The system control matrix of menu is organized into a multi level tree structure that is easy to navigate. Adjust keys, wipes, DVE, media players, color generators, switcher settings, aux outputs and more !

Auxiliary Outputs
Set aux outputs fast and live !

The amazing full featured layout of the ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel has dedicated buttons for auxiliary output control. Conveniently located in the top button row called the select bus, you can quickly set your auxiliary destination and switch its source. The select bus also lets you directly select inputs for the up and downstream keyers and the DVE. When you’re switching a live production you need to find things quickly and the ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast panel has the dedicated buttons you need at your fingertips.

Media Players
Built in graphics and titles

Selecting stills from the media pool, ready for on air is quick and easy with the ATEM Broadcast panels. You can select any loaded still or clip to the output of either two media players directly from the system control menu. Get complete stills selection control independent from the media pool control on your computer. You can advance stills from the panel, decide between stills and clips, play and or loop the clips directly from your ATEM Broadcast control panel.

Controlling Two ATEM Switchers

The incredible ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel features an amazing design that lets you control 2 ATEM switchers from the single panel. Simply connect to any two switchers and then you can control them from each M/E row on the panel! That means you get double the switcher power and you can build your own multi M/E switcher by connecting one switcher to the other and running them both together !

Setup for jobs faster and easier !

Use the ATEM broadcast panel system control section to change and update all the settings on your ATEM switcher. You can map any source to any cross point on the panel, so you can group commonly used sources together for faster switching. You can also set panel button brightness as well as other switcher features such as traditional program/preview switching mode or direct mode switching styles. Most ATEM switcher settings can be changed from the panel, making setup easy.

Audio Mixer
Connect hardware audio panels !

All ATEM switchers are compatible with Mackie™ protocol USB control panels for live audio mixing! Simply connect a third party USB fader panel to your Mac or PC computer to get real time fader control of every audio channel. As you adjust levels on the panel the virtual software faders move in sync with you. You can even use the mouse to adjust levels on your computer and the flying faders will track your movement. Combining a fader panel with the built in mixer gives you the highest quality audio mixing experience.

Multiple Control Options
Control your ATEM worldwide !

ATEM switchers use a standard ethernet connection for control so you can connect ATEM to Mac or Windows computers running the ATEM software control. You can also connect a powerful ATEM broadcast panel for greater control, or multiple combinations of both software and hardware control simultaneously! You can even connect ATEM to your network and control your switcher from anywhere in the world or use the included SDK to develop your own solution !

Additional Info

Additional Info

SpecificationsInput Voltage : 100V to 240V for internal power supply.
Power Usage : 70W
Dimensions (L x l x p)947 x 437 mm
Poids net (kg)15.25
Ce qui est dans la boite- ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel
- Software CD
- Power Supply
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