Blackmagic Pocket UltraScope

Broadcast accurate wave form monitoring for your studio

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Broadcast accurate wave form monitoring for your studio

Now it's easy to get accurate and professional waveform monitoring wherever you need it! UltraScope features 6 different scopes for measuring all aspects of a broadcast video signal. You get waveform, vectorscope, RGB parade, YUV component parade, histogram, audio phase and audio level meters, plus picture view! Available as a PCIe card for workstations, as a portable USB 3.0 solution or as part of a dual rack mount display. Get the technical accuracy engineers demand combined with a fast to use interface that creative professionals will love.

Eliminate Technical Errors

Professional waveform monitoring is the only way to ensure your production work meets all international standards. As well as technical monitoring and quality control, waveform monitoring is paramount during editing, mastering and color correction. During color correction it's vital to see the balance of black, mid range and white in an image and UltraScope is the perfect solution because you get 6 big beautiful scopes on a single computer display. Now you can also install SmartScope Duo 4K and get waveform monitoring in racks next to your other equipment.

You can display UltraScope on a computer’s monitor or laptop display, using either a PCIe or USB 3.0 computer interface to connect your video source. Blackmagic UltraScope’s PCIe card can be installed into Mac or PC workstations and Pocket UltraScope is powered by its USB 3.0 connection for ultimate portability when using a laptop.SmartScope Duo 4K features two independent 8” displays and looks like a dual rack monitor. You can assign any scope view to either display or choose to view a picture feed with a scope next to it!

6 Broadcast Accurate Scopes

You get a range of the most popular waveform displays, so you can accurately check the quality of your video signals. The waveform display shows you the luminance in your video, the vectorscope shows you a color plot of the various colors in your video, the RGB parade shows color balance and illegal video levels, the histogram shows the distribution of pixel brightness and the audio scope and level meters let you check audio phase and levels.

Innovative Software

for both Mac and Windows

When using UltraScope on Mac or PC you get a beautiful large screen with controls and buttons that allow you to change scope parameters, as well as to perform functions such as error checking and logging. UltraScope runs natively in full screen mode and is ideal when you need large screen scopes in edit suites, control rooms and even on the road when used with a laptop. When using SmartScope Duo 4K, controls and scope settings are changed centrally from a single computer using the SmartView Utility!

Monitoring Solutions

When you need rack based waveform monitoring or waveform monitoring integrated with picture monitoring, then SmartScope Duo 4K is the perfect solution. SmartScope Duo 4K looks like a dual 8" rack monitor, but includes powerful processing for generating broadcast accurate waveform displays. Now you can get rack mount monitoring and instantly flip over from a picture display to a range of waveform displays whenever you need. Each SmartScope Duo 4K LCD screen can be set independently so you can have any combination of video monitor or waveform monitor you like!

Advanced SDI Connections

3G-SDI on every UltraScope

With different connections it’s easy to choose the model that best suits your needs. The PCIe Blackmagic UltraScope includes 3G-SDI and 3G Optical Fiber inputs. UltraScope selects between optical and regular SDI inputs and both inputs loop through for connection to other equipment. The USB 3.0 Pocket UltraScope includes a 3G-SDI input and is a perfect solution for laptops. SmartScope Duo 4K features an independent 6G-SDI input for each display. All models automatically switch between SD, HD and 3G-SDI video formats as the input changes.

Elegant Design

PCIe, handheld and rack mount

Blackmagic UltraScope features an ultra compact PCIe card so it can be built inside your computer. Pocket UltraScope is a super tough and super tiny USB 3.0 pod style design that’s perfect for use with laptops, so you get extremely portable waveform monitoring that you can take on the road. SmartScope Duo 4K features a 3 RU design with two screens that can be rotated upside down for the optimum viewing angle when placed in the extreme top or bottom of a rack!

Additional Info

Additional Info

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